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Metal, or metal (from the English. Metal) - musical genre, a type of rock music [1] [2], formed in the early and mid 1970s, mainly in England and the United States of America [3]. The characteristic features of metal are those distorted by the distortion effect of electric guitars, protracted guitar solos, aggressive rhythms, as a rule, six, eight or two parts of the beat, lightweight riffs.
Metal has a rather large number of styles (subgenres), ranging from relatively “soft” (classic heavy metal, power metal) to very “heavy” and unacceptable for most unprepared listeners (death metal, black metal) [4]. Music "metal" genres is common in almost all countries, but the largest scenes were formed in northern Europe (Britain, Scandinavia, Germany) and North America (USA, Canada). In all countries of Europe, including Russia, there are developed regional scenes, as well as in Brazil, Japan and many other non-European countries. In the Middle East, with the exception of Israel and Turkey, hard rock is less developed due to tight censorship [5] restrictions.