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What do you know about dance music? Perhaps everyone will agree that such music is difficult to just listen online. Under it you want to move, beat the rhythm, spin in the dance and have fun. Such incendiary mp3-hits can be downloaded in this section without registration and completely free of charge!

From the history

Dance music has come a long and difficult path of development. Currently, it is represented by a variety of trends, subspecies, styles. They are all varied. The only thing that unites such songs is the dance floor. At the initial stage (somewhere before the 70s), dance music was associated with rock and roll and jazz. However, after a while, an incendiary disco became available to the public, stirring the mind of soul music and funk combined into one.

The novelty became popular and quickly spread across the dance floors of Europe and America. Many artists of that time are still popular and loved, despite the fact that in the 90s house practically ousted disco music. As a reaction to this, a new dance trend appeared - techno. Many changes have occurred since, however, dance music remains as popular, rhythmic and incendiary. Leading world DJs create hits, connecting the incompatible together. With the support of the public, they do it perfectly. Listen to at least one free hit and find out if you can sit still! If you do not succeed (which is very likely), then the authors have coped with the task!