Reggae 2019 listen online

Reggae (reggae, reggae [1] [2]; English reggae) is the direction of modern music that emerged in Jamaica in the late 1960s and has been widely adopted since the early 1970s [1].

Reggae can be both dance, relaxation and protest music, which follows from the traditions of African culture, in which rhythm, dance and music coexist with other phenomena and events [1]. The composition used is electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, electric organ, sometimes - a group of wind instruments. The main feature of reggae is the leading role of rhythm elements, mainly bass guitar, the drawing of which forms the basis of the composition both rhythmically and melodically (the parts of the other instruments are built around the bass part). Reggae also notes: moderate (maybe fast, but not aggressive) pace, size - 4/4, accents in the accompaniment on the 2nd and 4th beat, breaks on high tones or timbals. [3] Recognized king of reggae is singer and songwriter Bob Marley. Reggae songs built on Rastafarian ideology and saturated with symbols of this religious and philosophical movement received great popularity, but songs about love, everyday problems, political and protest songs are no less popular among the performers of the style. [1]